Winter Dreaming

picture taken from : josephinewall.co.uk

Now, 3 o’clock in the morning, and I still can’t sleep.

Whereas I’m going to do an exam today (calm down, it begin at 7.00 pm),and now I feel so fresh and I can do many things. So I opened up my lappy and writing something here.

May be I wanna share about my fun English conversation class at BLCI Tamansari Bandung. This class really made my day (my day? I though really made my night correctly because it starts every 7-8.30 pm. Haha). I have 8 new smart friends and a fun teacher. My English teacher was born at England (Oh yeaaah, England) and she is another girl at the class. Yeah, from 9 students, I’m the one and only girl. I’d never known that untill I came to the class and realized there was no girl came in after my self. Haha.

Another students are studying at the same institute like me, and they are really really ‘crazy’. They are Joy and Bagus from Petroleum Eng 2008, Kamil from Mining Eng 2008,Wisnu,Wildan,Boy from Telecommunication Eng 2009, Aim from Telecommunication Eng 2010, and Alip from Industrial Eng 2010. They are spontaneous people and Mel (my English teacher) is just the same.

We always have a lot of laugh during the class, especially tonight, when we discussed about dream that we ever had.

Bagus, who really love sharing his stories, told us about his freak dream couple years ago. It was about ‘bloody short message’. He said, in his dream, he received a message at his cell phone that written : “You will die…..” He felt the dream so real and he remembered the phone number. Suddenly, he woke up and he phoned that number. He heard kinda sound, then silent. No sound. Just silent. Then a few days later, he had been told that one of his relative just passed away.

He told us his story expressively, and you, readers, should know others reaction.

Kamil’s face was really ugly,which as though he felt so scared and didn’t want it happened to him.

Suddenly, Joy inhaled in the middle of story, and the entire people in that room laughed spontaniously, but Bagus still told his story seriously. What a crazy and fun moment.

After we shared our dream,we did another game.

We should guessed about others personality from some sentences that we had made using grammar focus in one of sub-chapter from our book.

Mel gathered all students sentences, read one per number, than we should guess who wrote it.

At one from five sentences,when we still trying to make a decision, Kamil made a very ugly expression again. Suddenly Joy said,”Hey, your face looks like a duck.” And, again, the entire class got laught.

What a fun class. U can feel it when you were there. HAHA. This class just broke up my routinity from my final project, exams, lab, and my lectures class.

Hummmm, I should go to bed, unless I feel so fresh rigth now.

Good nigth 😉


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