My Cute Gundam :3

Hi there!

Today, I just took my present from one of my best friend in mechanical engineering, Nina Konitat Supriatna. Actually, all girls from mechanical engineering 2008 are my best friends, they brought me a big slice brownies and a big papaya when I just got out from Borromeus Hospital a couple days ago. They are so sweet and romantic, rite?

Okay, back to a present from Nina. She said to me last week, she wanted to meet me in the campus to give me a present. But, because I have no mood to get out from my dorm, I just said to her to put the present at my desk in Methrology Laboratory (the underground lab of mechanical engineering department. One of the strict laboratory, from lectures, subjects-a little abstract for me-, until the practical activity, and also the assistants. Hahaha)

So, she put it on my desk, and I took it this afternoon. And, let’s see :





Zuperrr CUTE!!!!

Honestly, I fell in love in the first sight because this cute gundam is look like my kitty at home named ‘Si Putih’ (English means : ‘The White’). Well, a little hyperbolic, but that was true. True. Let’s see my Putih :


Sleepy Putih while was sleeping in the living room


 Putih’s kids. They are cute, aren’t they? Hohoho. Miss them

Actually, gundam is kind of robot prototype from Japan, for examples :



 source :

Because Nina’s present was a cute prototype of my cat, so I said it’s my cute gundam. Haha

See ya at another post 😉

NB : I don’t know why the pictures were clock-wised when I put them in this post. Sorry for the inconvenience 😉

My Cute Gundam :3

6 thoughts on “My Cute Gundam :3

  1. ninahamas says:

    waaah dinii.. hebat yaaaah.. aku pas liat kucing ituuu inget km dan mikir km pasti sukaa.. ternyata mirip ama si putiiihhh!! Alhamdulillaah!!! my sense is right! semoga ngobatin kangen km ama si putih yaaah.. 🙂

  2. ninahamas says:

    ayoo dinn bikin paper craft jugaa.. seru bgt looohhh.. tapi lamaaa.. haha.. yg km lumayan tuh butuh waktu 2 hari.. dan hr pertama bikin ampe jm 1 malem.. heuheu

    1. dini ayudia says:

      Oh itu namanya paper-craft yg lagi heboh2nya itu ya? Hahahahaha.

      Oke Na, asap kalo segala urusan ini beres. Hehehe

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