Hi world!

Finally, I could post an article for my lovely wordpress blog since I live in Duri, Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Just wondering, my wordpress is already more than 5 years old, since I started to write here when I was a student in Bandung.

5 years old is like a cute little human if this blog can have a soul like a real human. Haha 😉

Btw, I’m gonna share with you my holiday in Bandung, West Java, a couple day ago. (Still, even now I live in Duri, I want to share my holiday first, okay. Like a boss said to me, “Above all of these things, have fun is number one.” No excuse, have fun is a must. At least, to me)

It’s my first culinary article for my lovely wordpress blog. Here we go.

One day in the end of August 2013, I visited King’s, a shopping center of many kind of clothes and garment. You can find anything here, from a nice belt for work until good food to eat.

YES! FOOD TO EAT. Another reason why I can’t replace Bandung from my mind, and still thinking of Bandung when I write this post for you, Guys.

At that time, not yet lunch, but not breakfast either, it was about 10.30 in the morning. I wanted to find a new jacket, but I was starving in the same time. I need food. Good food, off course.

I looked around food stalls, I couldn’t find something interesting. And suddenly, I saw a plank of this small stall which is slightly hidden because his position is behind another food and drink cart.Image

There it is. Can you see that? Yes, It named ‘Soto Johankar‘ at that plank, but inside that stall, they named the stall as ‘Jopankar‘. I don’t know what’s this name means, but from that plank, I think this small stall has a quite long journey in food experience in King’s shopping center.


When I found this food stall, I didn’t think to eat any Soto because I need something heavy like rice. And they served us many choices to eat, even it’s not lunch already (I think they were still preparing another food for lunch at that moment).



The servant served me a portion of white rice, then I could take side dishes by my self. I immediately took the ‘sayur kacang’ (from the picture above, it looks like beans curry), ‘sayur sawi’, tofu, and ‘ati ayam’ (chicken liver with curry dressing).

And that costed me Rp 19,000 (about 2 USD) for a very good heavy meal. I can feel me drooling when I’m writing this down because I’m imaging that good curry dressing and white rice mixed in my mouth. Hahaha.


I haven’t tasted their ‘nasi soto’, maybe next time when I can visit Bandung for another holiday. Those price were quite affordable for a food stall in the middle of a big shopping center in Bandung.

I love you, Bandung :*

Please leave any comment or suggestion to make my blog more worth to read 😉

Thank you, Guys 😀


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