Duri-Part I: Where We Can Find KFC, but no McDonald’s, Sorry

A little flash back


When I’ve just graduated in March 2013, I thought (and I’m sure, almost all of fresh graduate, especially from engineering major) I’ve already got a lot of experience for being a student for almost 5 years. I though I quite smart to do a job because in my major, mechanical engineering, I learned many kind of different case, started from structural case, also metrology (an art of measuring something), and also learned something abstract that cannot be touched like thermodynamics, fluid mechanic, and their friends (thank’s God I’m already graduated. Praise Allah SWT)

But, when I entered working world, I realized, I had no experience. Zero experience.

All of my friends (at least, almost all of them) think, company that announce a job vacancy that needs a mechanical engineering graduates, will give their new workers the same case as their previous major.

For example:  you’ve learned about fluid mechanic, you will be given a case that can be done by using formulas from that fluid mechanic book. Unfortunately, this cannot be happened, except you take master degree that related to your previous major.

When we decide to join a working world, our self is going to be challenged by a lot of new case and new reality. All of the sciences when being a student can be used as the based line to think logically, but we can’t use it literally to solve a problem in the office. And also, we need other soft skills like communication and interact with others. Build new networking, speak in front of the audiences, and always on-time to come in the morning. That’s what I feel till now. CMIIW.



Now, for more than 2 months joining CPI as their contract based employee, I’ve just learned a little tiny something about completion engineer. Helped to collect data from some projects, joined a company man to visit a well, and also administered my own badge (company identity card).


I live in Duri (about 2-3 hours from Pekanbaru) for 2 months. In the first 2 weeks, I worked in Minas (about 30 minutes from Pekanbaru).

I have no activity in weekend. Nothing can be visited, except if I want to buy daily needs, I can find them in Hypermart or Ramayana, or local stores near my dormitory. In Duri, there are KFC and Solaria, but there’s no McDonald’s and no Starbucks. I quite shocked when I knew this. Duri is an old oil producers area in Indonesia with a multinational company in it, but nothing special in Duri. I though, Duri could be a modern city with a lot of entertainment spots, or at least, has complete international standard food stalls. But, unfortunately, nope. NOPE.


By the way, some people around me though I took a high risk by joining Chevron as a contract based employee. I have no mess to stay, no meals, and no transport to work. Even when I have to move from Rumbai to Duri, I have no transport to help me bring all of my case. I never knew about Duri before, and I have no family here.

Inspired from Reid Hoffman slide show about ‘RISK’ that was shared by my boss in my new office in Duri, Mr.Eka. This slide is quite inspired me, makes me remember my initial objectives when I’ve just graduated 6 months ago (now: Sept 2013). FYI, Reid Hoffman is the founding father of LinkedIn, a website used by workers wannabe and by many companies in the world to find employees. Hoffman said that, you don’t know what the best plan is until you try”. So, I try to take to take this challenge. Why not?

At that moment, when I had no vehicle to help me bring my cases (and also I had no clue, where could I stay for my first night in Duri!!) I’ve got a friend in Duri that helped me, Nurul. She took me up from Duri transport, and let me stayed in her room as long as I want, and also brought me a lot meal to eat. Thank you Nurul for your kindness (I just wondered, we knew each other via SMS. No pict, no facebook, nothing. And our first met was at that moment when she picked me up at transport. So sweeeeet)

The next morning, I’ve got the new challenge when I had to go to the office. I didn’t now where my office was. Awkward? Yes. Totally awkward. First day of work was just so awkward in Duri. And thank you God, my office mate, Bang Riko, offered me to join his car to the office. Yeah. FYI, Bang Riko is one of Mechanical Engineering ITB alumni, hoho. Yellboys. Hihi.

And today, I’m using ‘ojek’, public motorcycle service that can be met in Duri street. I am using ojek to reach my office at Gate 117 every morning. When I have to go home, I usually join another employee to reach Gate 3, then take a walk for about 300 meters to reach my dormitory.

I love my new room, and I don’t stay in Nurul’s room again. Complete facility and service, I just need to bring my own self, my clothes, and daily meals. My new routine activity in the weekend is going to public market to buy fruit and veggies. I can put them in the fridge and eat them fresh. Hoho.


Trying to find something fun and feel happy from each day, even I have no reason for that 😀

Duri-Part I: Where We Can Find KFC, but no McDonald’s, Sorry

2 thoughts on “Duri-Part I: Where We Can Find KFC, but no McDonald’s, Sorry

  1. ini Duri City ,. dan postingannya dalam bahasa linggis.
    dan saya lemah dengan bahasa ini,.. #sial

    salam kenal aja deh mbak dini.

    can speak bahasa kan,..

    salam kenal aja deh mbak dini.

    can you speak bahasa ?,..


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